Calgary sunlight in January 2009 with artist reflected in vase . . .

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New Blue Spherical Reflection

New Blue Spherical Reflection,
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Mirrored mountain, marina and clouds
Flynn-Burhoe. 2006. “Mirrored mountain, marina and clouds.”
Mount Tzouhalem N 48°46.4′ W 123°37.2′ 502 m (1647 ft) is the mountain on the north side of Cowichan Bay, just NE of the city of Duncan.
When we left Quebec, we left behind us most of our belongings. It was surprisingly easy to replace everything at thrift stores including the rose bowl half-filled with water which provided the central theme for hundreds of photos while we lived on Bell Lake. The light in our home on the hill in Cowichan Bay overlooking Mount Tzouhalem, lent itself to reflections with uninterrupted clarity. The house was contemporary with clean lines and crystal clear views.

Of the six groups of Hul’qumi’num, the Cowichan Tribes are most numerous, currently accounting for over 60 percent of the Hul’qumi’num population. Historically, as described below, the Cowichan have lived in the lower Cowichan Valley and trace the origin of their name to Mount Tzuhalem or, in Hul’qumi’num, shkewétsen (meaning ‘warm back’ or ‘basking on its side in the sun’). Today, Cowichan reserves and settlements are concentrated in the lower Cowichan Valley between Duncan and Cowichan Bay, with a few smaller reserves farther up the valley. Source Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group