To: WordPress feedback

I have been receiving spam comments over the last few weeks. I am automatically sent their urls and IDs which seem to be either non-existent, new commercial sites or one claiming to be some form of experimentation to inflate figures artificially. Since my free site is purely non-profit, I am not even able to add Adsense for example, I wonder why they target them? Inflated figures for me are counter-productive. I pay attention to the searches used because I really want to know why my content is of interest, to whom and how can it be of more efficient use in terms of my own objectives which are content/connectivity related. The spam messages vary from compliments of my site, ambiguous but deceptively intriguing comments or just initials. I have left them on my sites so you could investigate. Is there a way to prevent them?

I have been developing a small village of sites in the cyberworld using free Web 2.0 technologies in order to upload content that I found useful to my many years of teaching, my research . WordPress offers features that are invaluable and incomparable and are not available on other sites.

The success of your Featured Tag event, the efficient targeting of links between Google search engines and WordPress tags, the seamless interface between WordPress widgets and Flickr are unbelievable. This new mouse-over feature which allows a thumbnail of hotlinks is but one example of many of the features I enjoy. My one concern with WordPress is that I use up my available memory as a free site on my Speechless account. It is the one that gets most visits so I have been building it most in response to those visits.

Thank you, Maureen Flynn-Burhoe