Fishbowl HMS Victory
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speechless blogger is a bricoleur using emerging Web 2.0 technologies in a process of life-long learning.The blog serves as a tool for sharing resources but also as a vehicle to enhance personal memory and archiving.

speechless claims no expertise, just a desire to learn and to share a cartography of learning.



Fishbowl HMS Victory

In an effort to be engaged and informed, social history timelines, bibliographies and webliographies are compiled and uploaded. Every effort is made to credit the original sources but a blog is by its nature, a dynamic, organic entity and there is ample room for errors of omission.

Timelines grow and expand as relevant and useful individual events are found in research and writing by others. speechless seeks out the most reliable resources and mines bibliographies for primary researchers. Who actually did the first pivotal research with published results on a certain subject for example that became widely cited by others later? This was one of the ways in which timelines became useful. When excellent information is found on a blog speechless looks for the original article, paper, presentation, etc to use as reference including all relevant bibliographic details as much as possible instead of using the inline link. If the original title and author are made available, a reader, including my future self, can more easily find a live link if an url has died.

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Most material on this blog have licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. rony john Says:

    i need some blog members who can help me out to post my articles and promote my blog together we can reap sucess what do you say??

  2. Hi Rony John,

    I appreciate receiving your comments. I’m interested in only a segment of Web 2.0 and I’m not a pro-blogger like you. I like to make technology work for me not work for it. The content I am sharing is more related to issues of social cohesion, social justice. I am keen on the connectivity side but unsure yet how that will unfold. Your readers looking for ways of optimizing their blogs may find mine confusing as I am designing organically following the flow of the specific content. I have referred to you in my delicious and yours is one of the few blogs I’ve linked to my blogroll. If you have original posts you authored that you think I might be interested in Digging I would be glad to look at them. But even if it is great material I only Digg a little at a time as I’m really into the slow world.

    By the way Darren Rowse aka Thomas left a comment on papergirls re: your site. I’ve added him to my probloggers blogroll.

    Maureen aka oceanflynn

  3. Rony John Says:

    hey Flynn,
    Been Long Since i have seen you….i have changed my blog to wordpress.com…could you plz change my old links to the new one.

  4. Netty Gritty Says:

    hello flynn,

    i have noticed that you use addthis under some of your posts. while addthis is powerful in its potentials, it’s not capable of bookmarking individual wordpress.COM blog posts unless the permalink is in the address bar. a problem if someone got to a post via a category or tag, for example. i have noticed this with your blog too, when i tested the addthis button under a post that i found via a tag.

    i have created an Addthis bookmarklet for wordpress.com blog posts to automatically generate blog post specific addthis url’s – without exception. you might like to check it out.

    ps: if this off-topic comment makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to remove it! 😀

  5. Coincidentally I know Donna Patrick and am working on two projects with her right now. But what I really wanted to say is this:

    This is one fantastic blog — any other superlative would do, such as: awesome, astounding, amazing, profound, and my favourite, “just plain wow.”

    I will be visiting as often as possible, this is tremendous work that you are sharing, thanks very much.

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