This is a personal research tool to help me in writing and editing wikipedia articles. Wikipedia provides in-depth information that is more useful, up-to-date and accurate than information on this blog post. For example, for information on citing books, see here. These are the templates I use most and have provided them here in one easy to find page.

I am entranced by wiki tools.

Wiki codes are improving constantly in pace with wiki content. Much of wikipedia is produced, maintained, created and edited through the work of countless volunteers.

When I find a tiny chunk of data that is not tied to an index I sometimes feel compelled to link it hoping that it will help someone else or even my future self. It might save time later.

Wikipedia lets me do that.

I can correct someone else’s minor error. They can correct mine.

I can make a major change to an article and someone else can make a major change to mine.

When I want to learn better practices in codes I can look up a {{Good article}} for examples.

There are always more experienced wikipedia editors who check for errors, inconsistencies, weaknesses, oversights (especially in the use of referenced material, too close paraphrasing etc).

Most recent finds:


{{convert|37100|cuft/s|m3/s|abbr=on}} re river flows in floods

Citation template details!
|Template details!
1. pages
|pages= 5–7″ produces “pp. 5–7″ Page ranges should be separated by an unspaced en dash (–).

|page= 5” produces “p. 5”.

“These parameters are for listing the pages relevant to the citation, not the total number of pages in the report.”

2. |laysummary=: Link to a non-technical summary (or review) of the report
3. {{Citation
4. |contribution= Affidavit
5.|editor-last= Toohy| editor-first = Dennis J.
6. |publication-date= September 24, 1872
7. |publication-place= Corinne, Utah
8.|contribution-url= http://udn.lib.utah.edu/u?/corinne,5359
11.| chapter =
12.| section =

*complete report template uses{{Cite report | author = | authorlink = | coauthors = | date =
| title = | url = | publisher = | format = | others = | edition = | location = | chapter = | section = | page = | pages =
| docket = | accessdate = | quote =}}

*==Harvard in line page citations!==
Finally found this! {{harv|Smith|2005|p=25}}

*editors leave a space between headings but not between a heading and the para

===Anglo-French offensive preparations===
After the attacks of 12 and 15 September,


*footnotes, notes and references from Battle of Morval
This “particularly by an increased willingness to surrender.{{sfn|Duffy|2007|p=243}}” = a footnote
This “longer-range reconnaissance and bombing.{{sfn|Jones|1928|pp=147–148}} |group=”Note”}}” = a Note
Does the editor create the reference list manually?

==See also==
{{portal|World War I}}

===Victoria Cross===
* Private [[Thomas Alfred Jones]], 1st [[The Cheshire Regiment|Cheshires]].{{sfn|Miles|1938|p=376}}



* {{cite book |ref={{harvid|Beach|2005}}
|title=British Intelligence and the German Army, 1914–1918 |last=Beach |first=J | authorlink= |year=2005 |publisher=London University |location=London | edition= |OCLC=500051492}}

(there should be no spaces before ref tags; there _should_ be spaces after them) spaceBroner, 1978;nospace

*no spaces between |title=title|date=

* References

*Further Reading
===Further Reading===
*{{cite book


Contents [hide]
1 Themed lists
1.1 Demographics
1.2 Economy
1.2.1 Gross domestic product
1.2.2 Industrial Output
1.2.3 Agriculture
1.3 Environment
1.4 Geography
1.5 Military
1.6 Names
1.7 Politics
1.8 Sports
1.9 Tourism
1.10 Transport
1.11 Miscellaneous
2 References

*Citation template that shows how to add page numbers for distinct inline references without having page number show up in list of references. So simple!

{{cite news
|title= A Magnitsky law for Europe
|newspaper= ”[[The Financial Times]]”
|date= January 3, 2013 (paper edition)
|accessdate=5 January 2013
}} p. 8.

*Multiple authors
|authorlink=George Monbiot

*Linking offsite urls Firestone Duncan[http://www.firestone-duncan.com/]

*Some articles are much more developed and can be used as models for a variety of templates. I try to use the more recent articles for the more recent templates. The wiki article on Steve Jobs is one of those.

References and sources:


“Social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace), blogs etc. are NOT reliable, while newspaper articles, magazines (Time Magazine), books etc. ARE reliable (wikipedia editing page re: Steve Jobs’ article.”

Wikipedia Template for References

Generating the full bibliography and webliography at the end of the article

At the end of the article the following code generates the complete bibliographic reference list in wikipedia’s perferred bibliographic style. I prefer to fill in the templates manually to ensure all relevant data is included. It takes longer but may prevent the loss of a reference if an url becomes a dead end.

==My Common Mistakes==

    day= is deprecated – use |date= if all three components are available
    city vs location
    format=PDF not .pdf as I use
    [[capillary action|capillary forces]]  the second one is the one that displays?

==link to main article within an article==
{{Main|Global warming}}

==How to link a phrase to outside sites==

[http://www.cees.iupui.edu/Research/Water_Resources/CIWRP/Algae_Information/Presentations/2010-06-17-Symposium/2010-06-17_Lehman-Whole_Lake_Experiments.pdf |Whole Lake Experiments]

==ref name= / ==
Does the name need “”? No

==creating categories==

== References ==

== References ==

Individual bibliographic/webliographic entries

  1. New! editor replaced <ref>Gregory S. Aldrete (2004), ”Daily Life in the Roman City: Rome, Pompeii and Ostia”, p. 78, ISBN 978-0-313-33174-9</ref> with

{{sfn|Aldrete|2004|pp=79f.}} and {{sfn|Aldrete|2004|pp=78-9}} and {{sfn|Aldrete|2004|pp=79 ff.}} for exact page numbers! great, wondered how to do that.

  1. This <ref> “Whole Lake Experiment, Ford Lake, Prof Lehman”[ http://www.cees.iupui.edu/Research/Water_Resources/CIWRP/Algae_Information/Presentations/2010-06-17-Symposium/2010-06-17_Lehman-Whole_Lake_Experiments.pdf%5D</ref&gt; replaced with this <ref>[http://www.cees.iupui.edu/Research/Water_Resources/CIWRP/Algae_Information/Presentations/2010-06-17-Symposium/2010-06-17_Lehman-Whole_Lake_Experiments.pdf “Whole Lake Experiment, Ford Lake, Prof Lehman”]</ref>

Each bibliographic entry has a <ref> </ref>to open and close each reference.

It is preferable to use eg <ref name=”Rawls”> when using several citations from the same article.

    • See Wikipedia Template:Cite web {{cite web}} horizontal
      • Day Month Year
        {{cite news |title= |first= |last= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=3 June 2012}}
      Month Day, Year
      {{cite news |title= |first= |last= |url= |newspaper= |date= |accessdate=June 3, 2012}}
    • See Wikipedia Template:Cite news {{Cite news}}
    • <ref>{{cite web
      |accessdate=December 4, 2011
      |}}</ref><ref>{{cite web

      • Using authorlink to link to article about the author on Wikipedia
        • <ref>{{cite news | first=George | last=Monbiot | authorlink=George Monbiot | title=From toxic waste to toxic assets, the same people always get dumped on | url=http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cif-green/2009/sep/21/global-fly-tipping-toxic-waste | newspaper=The Guardian | location=London | date=22 September 2009 }}</ref>


{{cite book
|contribution=C. Mitigation in the short and medium term (until 2030).
|title= Summary for Policymakers.
|series=Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Contribution of Working Group III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
|editor=B. Metz ”et al.”
|publisher=Print version: [[Cambridge University Press]], Cambridge, U.K., and New York, N.Y., U.S.A.. This version: IPCC website
|accessdate=May 15 2010

|title=The universe in short
|first1=Stephen W.
|publisher=Bantam Books

|title=The Nobel prize: a history of genius, controversy, and prestige
|publisher=Arcade Publishing
|url=http://books.google.com/?id=xnckeeTICn0C}}, [http://books.google.com/books?id=xnckeeTICn0C&pg=PA141 Page 141]

In 1901, Einstein had a paper on the [[capillary action|capillary forces]] of a straw published in the prestigious ”[[Annalen der Physik]]”.
|last = Galison
|first = Peter
|authorlink = Peter Galison
|title = Einstein’s Clocks, Poincaré’s Maps: Empires of Time
|publisher = W.W. Norton
|location = New York
|year = 2003
|isbn = 0393020010 }}

Further Reading

==Further reading==
* {{cite book|title=Geo-Engineering Climate Change: Environmental Necessity or Pandora’s Box?|
editor1-first=Brian|editor1-last=[[Brian Launder|Launder]]|editor2-first=J. Michael T. |editor2-last=Thompson|publisher=[[Cambridge University Press]]|date=December 2009|isbn=978-0-521-198035}}
*{{cite book|author=[[Eli Kintisch]]|year=2010|title=Hack the Planet: Science’s Best Hope, or Worst Nightmare, for Averting Climate Catastrophe|isbn=978-0470524268}}
*{{cite book|author=Jeff Goodell|authorlink=Jeff Goodell|year=2010|title=How to Cool the Planet: Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix Earth’s Climate|isbn=978-0618990610}}
* {{cite journal| journal= [[Nature (journal)|Nature]]| volume= 447| pages= 132–136| date=May 10, 2007 | doi=10.1038/447132a| title=Climate change: Is this what it takes to save the world?| first=Oliver| last= Morton| pmid= 17495899| issue= 7141}} –Abstract only, full article requires payment.
*{{cite book|author=[[James Rodger Fleming]]|publisher=[[Columbia University Press]]|date=September 15, 2010|title=Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control|isbn=978-0231144124}}
*[http://www.irgc.org/-Granger-Morgan-.html Granger Morgan], Katharine Ricke (2010). ”An Opinion Piece for [http://www.irgc.org IRGC]. Cooling the Earth Through Solar Radiation Management: The need for research and an approach to its governance.” ISBN 978-2-9700672-8-3

For references that are cited several times in the same article use this for subsequent references:

<ref> name=”rawls” <ref />


(French: ”Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement durable, des Transports et du Logement”, ”’MEDDTL”’)

{{Language icon|en|English}}

Duplication Detector

Duplication Detector “is a tool used to compare any two web pages to identify text which has been copied from one to the other. It can compare two Wikipedia pages to one another, two versions of a Wikipedia page to one another, a Wikipedia page (current or old revision) to an external page, or two external pages to one another. Duplication detector locates passages in which the text on the two pages is the same (wiki article).”

Dead Link

Link Rot, linkrot, link death, link breaking, broken link, dangling link are links that point to a source that is unavailable or do not work. Wikipedia editors are concerned about link rot and encourage the use of services like  WebCite, that provide on-demand web archiving.  WebCite, archives copies of online links that remain available even if the original link is a dead link.  The New York Times and wordpress offers the service of a permalink. para wiki

Wikipedia also recommends the Wayback Machine which takes webpage snapshots.

The following codes etc are from the wikipedia article entitled Faye Wong created and frequently edited by User:Fayenatic london, is administrator on English Wikipedia. Fayenatic london is among the 800 most active editors on Wikipedia.

How to create a quote box:

dead urls can also be archived here



|archivedate=23 March 2005


Centered (but not floating any more):

{{Quote box
 |quote  = Cry "Havoc," and let slip the dogs of war.
 |source = [[William Shakespeare]], ''[[Julius Caesar (play)|Julius Caesar]]'', Act III, Scene I.
 |width  = 50%
 |align  = center
{{Lorem ipsum}}


Linking to other wikipedia articles when the titles are not identical

since [[Mainland Chinese|Mainlanders]] were [[stereotyped]]


film [[Confucius (2010 film)|”Confucius”]] was released


Other references I want to understand later:
{{Cite arXiv}} arXiv preprint {{Cite AV media}} audio and visual {{Cite AV media notes}} audio and visual liner notes {{Cite book}} books {{Cite conference}} conference papers {{Cite DVD-notes}} DVD liner notes {{Cite encyclopedia}} edited collections {{Cite episode}} radio or television episodes {{Cite interview}} interviews {{Cite journal}} magazines, journals, academic papers {{Cite mailing list}} public mailing lists {{Cite map}} maps {{Cite music release notes}} audio and video liner notes {{Cite news}} news articles {{Cite newsgroup}} online newsgroups {{Cite podcast}} audio or video podcast {{Cite press release}} press releases {{Cite serial}} audio or video serials {{Cite sign}} signs, plaques {{Cite speech}} speeches {{Cite techreport}} technical reports {{Cite thesis}} theses {{Cite web}} web sources