Search Engine Optimizer (SEO),  Search engines are measured in terms of their optimization of precision and therefore profits on the Internet. An Internet search engine’s optimal strength is judged by the speed, ease and efficiency with which a user can find the most relevant, useful and accessible Internet resources.  Users include those who are randomly surfing multiple sites, selectively seeking the best of a number of sites, to those who are targeting one single specific site. In 2007 the four most frequently used search engines in order of popularity, according to Knight and McManus (2007) were Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Ask.com. Knight and McManus (2007) recommend metasearch engines like dogpilezuula and PlanetSearch that search all the leading search engines.  KartOO, and provide 2-Dimensional mapping metaphor to cluster search results in a more intuitive fashion.

I am using the tags, key words or folksonomies “benign colonialism” as my test for these sites on February 2007. My site speechless glossary of terms that gives an exact concise definition for “benign colonialism” with references was #16 on dogpile, on Yahoo #20 my Fantasy Palace @Flickr, on MSN benign colonialism @ speechless #5, Gigablast it was not on the top 50, Exalead it was #7, KartOO it was on map #1. Planet Search claims to search 16 search engines at once. “My definition of benign colonialism only comes up as an indirect link to About: speechless through icerocket as #26.

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