Ontology of the sphere

January 28, 2009

Draft: New technologies make accessible complex algorithms for the transformation of images through spherical distortions.

Reflections off shiny convex surfaces, such as the pupils of our eyes, the Esherian sphere, vases, teapots, mirror the world in miniature and capture light and space with fascinating distortions.

Adobe Photoshop provides at least two options for creating these distortions by using the Filter tool > Distort > polar coordinates or
Filter tool > Distort > spherize.

For my teapot reflection series I prefer to work from real objects and their reflections.

For the labeling the Rocky Mountains skyline panoramas I have been simply pasting long collages of series of digital images taken at 180 to 360 degrees. The result is virtually impossible to share online. The resolution is always set too low and text as well as identifiable montane features become illegible. What was crystal clear on the PC through the zoom feature is completely loss in Web 2.0.

I have considered using polar coordinate distortions and/or spherize features.

This is a tip from someone who has been working with polarpans longer than I have

This is one section that I spherized using a rather convoluted process. I noted it below so I won’t forget but I am still working on it.

From SpherizeAndPolarCoordinates

reflexive sphere

spherical models

polar coordinates

tips from pros:

polar coordinates vs spherize

Adobe Photoshop > filter > distort > polar coordinates

Adobe Photoshop > filter > distort > spherize > 80% with inserted rectangular skyline

digitage/collage of skyline images ie a scroll which is about 1/3 to 1/4 of c. square image to

be spherized. Place inserted rectangle at c. centre not quite at top of a c. square

image size width: 100 cm, height: 65 cm resolution 100 pixel dimensions 28 m: width 3864

pixels by height: 2532 pixels

1. original image to spherize: pixel dimensions 86.3m

width 120 cm height 50 cm resolution 180

2. place rectangle in new file 120 x 120

3. spherize with original rectangle in upper centre

4. experiment with degrees of spherization c. 85%

5. check for resolution

6. PC cannot spherize images that are too large

7. too much loss of resolution makes mountain ranges lose clarity and labels illegible

8. have to find juste milieu

6. clip to detail of spherized rectangular skyline scroll

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