Ice Fog

December 15, 2008

Frost Crystals Late Morning Sunshine
Convergence, ocean.flynn. Late morning December sunshine cut long blue shadows of spruce trees stretching diagonally across the snow-covered field. A single set of footsteps led to the #1 bus stop along Memorial Drive. On Sunday everything seemed to be slower paced except for fast flowing river currents snaking through the city carrying with it ice floes and newly formed crystals. As the temperature plummets to about -20°C, the relatively warmer river water converges with cold air and great banks of freezing fog rise up, enveloping the river’s escarpments in shrouds. Emerging from thick curtains of mist, hardy joggers, undaunted by temperatures of -29°C ( -39 C with humidity and NW winds), appeared as dark silhouettes each creating a small cloud of vapour that disappeared with them along the Bow River trail.

Inside the kitchen, the south eastern light bathed the kitchen in a golden glow and it seemed almost indecent to be enjoying fresh coffee and pancakes as a comfortable witness. Despite appearances of an inner glow it took awhile for the house to heat up from an invigorating 15°C.

Crystals of frost along the edges of the ice-painted windows revealed intricate patterns, millions of colours.


“Ice fog is composed of minute ice particles. It occurs in very low temperatures under clear, calm conditions in the polar latitudes and may produce a halo around the sun or moon. Freezing fog is used to describe the phenomena when fog is present and the air temperature is below 0°C. It is reported as “FZFG” in an observation and on the METAR (The Weather Channel.”

See also Sub Sun

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