Peaks Visible from Crescent Heights, Calgary

September 29, 2008

Identifying Rocky Mountain peaks visible from Calgary is an ongoing personal project which gives a sense of perspective to life in the foothills. Individual peaks are like waves that seem to rise and descend disappearing from view depending on the clarity of the air or the time of day.

From this view on Crescent Heights overlooking the Bow River we can glimpse Gibraltar Mt. 2665 m. to the west (on the left side of the image). The Misty Range which are part of the Highrock Range on the east side of Kananaskis Provincial Park are visible next. This includes Mist Mt. 3140 m. and Storm Mt. 3095 m. Then we see Bluerock Mt. 2789 m. and Mt. Burns 2936 m.

Mt. Rae 3225 m. which is also part of the Highrock Range’s Misty Range, “serves as the head of the main watershed to Calgary, Alberta by way of the Rae Glacier flowing into Elbow Lake, source of the Elbow River. At 10,558’, Rae is the highest mountain viewed on the front range from Calgary. [It was named in 1859 after Arctic explorer Dr. John Rae.] Mt. Rae was recommended by this post at http://www.summitpost.org as “the most scenic and accessible high alpine foliage in all of the Canadian Rockies.”

Continuing north and to the right we can see Cougar Mt. 2863 m. and Mt. Sarrail 3147 m.

Tombstone Mt. 3035 m. in the Opal Range is next.

Banded Peak 2934 m., Outlaw Peak 2970 m., Mt. Cornwall 2956 m., and Mt. Glasgow 2950 m. are part of the Glasgow Group in the Front Ranges. These are stunning from the top of Moose Mountain.

Mount Glasgow is in the Elbow Valley of the Kananaskis Range. Banded Peak is one of the easiest to identify because of the brown cliff band which is visible all year round. Mt. Cornwall just behind Mount Glasgow has a highly visible arch of permanent snow-covered scree slopes.

Further north are Mt. Blane 2972 m., Mt. Brock 2879 m., Mt. Hood 2873 m.of the Opal Range with Mt. Evan Thomas 3097 m. as the most northerly peak in the range. The Opal Range strata is thrust in a striking vertical orientation. George Dawson mistakenly thought that small cavities lined with quartz were coated with a film of opal.

Mt. Remus 2688 m and Mt Romulus 2832 m are marked but they cluster where with other Opal mountain peaks and are not that clearly distinguished.

Fisher Peak 3052 m. is quite prominent. It is the highest peak in the Fisher Range a range of mountains which includes mountains between Calgary and Kananaskis Highway.

Mt . Howard 2777 m. is half hidden behind the tall building.

Prairie Mountain and Moose Mountain would be the next in line to the north but they are not visible in this photo.

5 Responses to “Peaks Visible from Crescent Heights, Calgary”

  1. […] and creating the Bow River with its origins in the distant Rockies. I was beginning to learn the names of the peaks, the High Rock Mountains to the left and the distinctive Devil’s Head to the right. I could […]

  2. Ken Wallewein Says:

    This is probably the best Calgary mountain panorama online, but it could be clearer.
    I tried enhancing your panorama, but still couldn’t find the mountain I’m trying to identify. I could send you the enhanced version and a shot of the peak if you’re interested — it doesn’t appear possible to attach them here.
    Would you be interested on collaborating on a fresh, clearer panorama?
    — Ken

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