Measuring Happiness: the Boom is a Bust

September 15, 2008

Cities like Calgary and Toronto lack the social cohesion and neighbourly trust found in smaller cities in eastern Canada. The higher stress in urban high-growth, and high-mobility areas gets in the way of a sense of well-being and happiness.

Some Calgarians are heading south to tropical warmth and a slower-paced lifestyle in places like Costa Rica. Unfortunately Costa Rica is one of the places where extremes of wealth and poverty have already intensified. tbc

Social Interactions, Identity: Well-Being, Happiness Studies

Wilton, Suzanne. 2008-09-14. “The great escape.” Calgary Herald.

“Calgarians are fleeing the high cost and stress of city life for a fresh start in Costa Rica Paddling along a river canal through a remote tropical forest near Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, monkeys swinging overhead, Ross Ballard is at peace away from the booming centre he called home for most of his life.”

Dunn, Elizabeth W.; Aknin, Lara B.; Norton, Michael I. 2008-03. “Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness.” Science.

A report by researchers from the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School claims that

“Employees who devoted more of their bonus to prosocial spending [spending on others] experienced greater happiness after receiving the bonus, and the manner in which they spent that bonus was a more important predictor of their happiness than the size of the bonus itself.” (cited in CBC 2008-03-20)

“The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research incubates ideas that go on to revolutionize the international research community, and change the lives of people all over the world. Through its research programs, CIFAR provides leading scholars with the time, direction, freedom and inspiration to pursue fundamental questions concerning society, technology, and the very nature of humanity and the universe. CIFAR’s cooperative, interdisciplinary approach means that program members delve into issues that no conventional university or research institution could address.”

2007-07-12.“Where money seems to talk.” The Economist.

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