Sulphur Mountain Gondola Panorama with Placenames Centre

August 11, 2008

Sundance Ridge
Mt. Bourgeau 2931 m
Mt. Brett 2984 m
Pilot Mtn 2941 m
Mt. Temple 3543 m
Mt. Cory 2789 m
Sanson Peak 2337 m (with weather observatory)
Mt. Norquay 2345 m?
Mt. Brewster 2839 m
Cascade Mtn 2998 m

From signage on the top of Sulphur Mountain:
“1. Bow River begins as meltwater from the Wapta Icefield above Bow Lake, 90 km north along the Icefields Parkway.
2. Bow Valley Parkway Hwy 1A is the original route from Banff to Lake Louise.
3. Mount Temple In 1894 American mountaineers from Yale University made the first ascent of this lofty summit, the first Canadian peak over 3353 m to be climbed.
4. Cosmic Ray Platform The former Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station was one of a network of stations built for the International Geographical Year 1957-1958. The Summit Promenade leads to hands on exhibits.
5. Weather Observatory was built by the Canadian government in 1903. Banff pioneer Norman B. Sanson made over 1000 ascents of Sulphur Mountain to record weather data. The observatory closed when Sanson retired in 1931.
6. Mystic range (chain) including Mount Norquay 10 minutes from Banff one of the first sky centres in North America
7. Fenland Trail. People have come to this spot for 10, 500 years. Long ago they stalked elk and gathered plants. There is now a 2 km self-guiding trail that is easy to stroll.
8. Stoney Squaw one story links the mountain to an old Stoney Indian woman who hunted on the mountain while taking care of her sick husband at its base.
9. Bankhead a mining town in the end of the 19th century where 250, 000 tons of coal (charbon) was mined. It was used to run locomotives. It is now a ghost town.”

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