Technology > Internet > speechless 234/3755!

June 17, 2008

Speechless has been selected, reviewed, rated, and categorized by Blogged.com editors!

Blogged.com is a directory and social network that offers overviews, ratings, reviews, and comments on a categorized list of popular blogs.”a place for readers to discover interesting blogs and for authors to discover who their readers are.”

“Editor reviews are based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style. Blogs are compared to other blogs within the same category. Blogs that have not been reviewed by an editor will receive a “first impression score” by our system, which evaluates similar criteria. Ratings are not meant to endorse, promote or advertise a blog. They are an unbiased critique by editors.”

Speechless was rated 8.4 Great! It is categorized under Technology > Internet > and placed 234 out of the 3755 other sites selected.

Blogged.com further breaks down the Internet category into:

  1. General Internet (1,343)
  2. Blogging (1,102)
  3. Internet Security (136)
  4. Podcasting & Audioblogging (167)
  5. SEO & Site Optimization (689)
  6. Social Networks (138 )
  7. Web Design (478 )
  8. Web Hosting (57)

One Response to “Technology > Internet > speechless 234/3755!”

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