Fab Job and Good Company

May 22, 2008

Carter Duryea (Topher Grace) is in his early 20s and he is riding high on the wave of his success in the high-risk, high-pay-off, speed-enhanced world of fast-capital. So on his first day on a fab job he bought himself a muscular, sexy Porsche sports car. In one of my favourite scenes in the B-movie In Good Company I admit to a measure of (not malicious) schadenfreund when Carter pulls off the Porsche car sales lot without checking for oncoming traffic and goes from being cocky to sheepish in seconds. The angry driver of the car he collided with and the visible annoyance of the Porsche salesman let viewers know that 22-year-old Carter is not as omnipotent at he thought.

So last evening as we went to pick up a Tim Horton’s coffee I noticed an amazingly stunning car, a BMW with the license plate Fab Job. The driver was young and seemed to be too small for the car itself. (This isn’t really fair since the low seat style of sports cars makes every driver look small behind the wheel). Beside him sat a beautiful young blond woman. I pointed the license plate out to Dave and asked about the car since he is the family car authority. He chuckled. He had sympathized with the beautiful young blond who had blushed from embarrassment at the cash. Our BMW owner couldn’t find enough change in his own pockets to pay for their Tim’s so she had to search at the bottom of her purse. Unfortunately there was quite a line-up of people who had to wait while she did so and it was all rather public. He put on his sunglasses.

We’ve often run out of change at Tim’s and had to resort to car glove compartments, pockets and purses. I am really glad that Carter is human and runs into life just like all of us.

“Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when we stoop than when we soar.” William Wordsworth

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