Web 2.0+ as Organic Rhizomic Synapses

April 13, 2008

Web 2.0 as Organic Rhizomic Synapses: Deconstructing Digitage is the theme of a PowerPoint Presentation uploaded to slideshare.

I am updating the PowerPoint Presentation (2006, last updated 2007-06-16) “Deconstructing Digitage: Web 2.0 as Organic Rhizomic Synapses” with higher resolution background images (1440 x 900 at 300 dpi). This presentation was one of the last blogosphere projects I worked on before leaving Cowichan Bay.

I am not reorganizing folders to update this presentation “Web 2.0 as Organic Rhizomic Synapses” with this higher resolution to include the next generation of blogosphere tools, aggregators, lifestreaming, etc. I want to increase the use of hypertext in the PowerPoint to more adequately reflect the connectivity of these open source tools.

MyAdobePhotoshop subfolder >> PSD.4.PPT to include .psd images developed for eventual use as .ppt background images but their fully functioning layering capacity intact (ie not flattened for .jpg). The final flattened images will be in my >> MyDigitalImages >> “Theme” >> PPT.theme.title Taxanomy, (particularly of my digital images that are constantly being used in thematic digitages) is more of an art than a science for me as overlapping layers make folders, subfolders and filenames almost impossible to manage, store and recover. Sometimes I use Picassa’s visual timeline feature to locate the newest versions of images. The challenge with each new data management technical tool is the processing of years of previous data collections in new systems. It is not unlike the challenge encountered by the embodied brain with its complex rhizomic synapses when confronted with new or unfamiliar paradigms and perspectives.

I am no longer sure that Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Web 4.0 will be the most relevant taxonomy for categorizing technical tools that emerge from virtual laboratory test tubes at an astonishing high speed. For now I am just using Web 2.0+.



Flickr.com raw or enhanced in AdobePhotoShop >> flickrvision

youtube >> Canon digital camera raw
google videos >> Canon digital camera raw


Google docs

del.icio.us vs EndNote




Search Engines

Customized Google Search

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