50,157 Total Views: Connectivity between Google Search, WordPress, Flickr: Stats, Referrers, SEO, Clicks, Views, Links

February 23, 2008

WordPress Blog Stats, even in its bare bones, free application  for wordpress.com blogs, allows authors to trace the findablity, efficiency and relevance of their own published content and the search intentions of visitors to their sites. While it is satisfying that Speechless has received 50,157 total views in c. 15 months, it is deeply encouraging to note the multiple key word searches that have brought viewers to relevant content and the follow-up internal and external links that they have clicked. I have spent less time on http://papergirls.wordpress.com, but it too has received  16,397 views since I uploaded my first post. (I use that blog mainly as a way of tracking stories that I have dugg on Digg). 

Over the past while I have noticed a number of other search engines have mapped content I’ve scattered throughout the blogosphere. I attempt to write using wikified standards of accountability using the most reliable webloiographic sources I can find without resorting too often to the Deep Web, such as scholarly journals that require paid memberships. However, some legitimate knowledge claims are still available only in print. I use my powerful EndNote database compiled from the early 1990s (when I began postgraduate studies) onwards to enhance research, analysis and writing.

Recently I converted WordPress categories to tags and I will be observing how this impacts SEO.

I often read the reviews and heed the advice of the authors of ReadWriteWeb in the use of open source technologies.

I continue to be dazzled by the organic yet explosive emergence of an ontology of the semantic web.  

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