Sub-sub-prime for mortgage meltdown

January 23, 2008

It is ironical that my post which was intended as a soft arguement for patient money, secure loans, more regulation and against impatient money, hedge funds, etc would attract advertisements such as this one.

 Michel Bond added a comment to my post yesterday that his UK company offers fast unsecured loans: “Instant unsecured loans are the quick loans provided without keeping any security. It is the best loan for tenants who need some urgent cash but either don’t have any property to keep as security or don’t want to risk them. As these loans are generally provided by online lenders, the loan is approved quickly. Also being unsecured there is no wastage of time in documentation which further makes the whole process fast.If you have any queries about quick cash payday loans, bad credit payday loans, fast cash advance loans, online payday loan service visit.”

While I disapproved the comment with its attached url I found the process intriguing.

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