Green Calgary: cycling and recycling

July 12, 2007

The Bow River winds through the city cutting miles and miles of shaded green pathways on the north and south banks for bikes, joggers, dogs and their owners. And Prince’s Island Park provides a green haven near downtown. We met a family of six walking in the park wearing cowboy hats. They came from Washington, DC for the Calgary Stampede and noted how much Calgary has changed over the years. New Communities are sprouting along the city fringes to accomodate the million people who live here. Some say it has maintained its small city feeling. Others comment on the growing number of the visibly homeless.

We were driving along when we saw this view of downtown towers with the dramatic lighting effects of the sun setting at the corner of Centre Avenue and Barlow Trail in Calgary NE/SE.

There’s a cedar wax wing that finds refuge in the thick branches that scratch against the windows of the house.  

The streets are still quiet and safe enough for grandfathers and parents who coach anxious but excited children on their wobbly bikes.

Recycling is a challenge at least in the northwest since there is no home pickup. The central depot does not seem to be overused. Users separate their own cardboard, newspapers, mixed papers, milk containers, plastic bags, clean glass and clothing but there is no place for plastic containers.  

People are even friendlier when you wear a cowboy hat during the ten days of the Calgary Stampede.

Started using Picasa’s geotagging option.

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