Googling Folksonomies: Bouchard-Taylor

June 2, 2007

Renowned philosopher Charles Taylor and Université de Québec à Chicoutimi sociology professor (and brother of Lucien Bouchard) Gerard Bouchard are studying the contentious issue of the “reasonable accommodation” of religious practices following the over sensationalized treatment of isolated events in the Jewish and Islamic communities of Quebec. Quebec Premier Jean Charest created this commission in February, 2007.

Quotable citations:

On October 23 the determinedly moderate religion columnist for the New York Times, Peter Steinfels, recalled that Alexis de Tocqueville reporting to his compatriots on the state of democracy in Jacksonian America, had called religion “the first of [Americans’] political institutions” even as he pointed out that in the land of the free it kept well clear of electoral politics (Silk 2005).

While the study seems to suggest that political campaigns should target the 25 percent of students who can be classified as “religious centrists,” Thompson expressed some doubt about the ability to characterize religious and political trends on campus (Mont-Reynaud 2006)

Keywords: civil religion, redeemer nation, political religion, Tocqueville, religious politics, moderate civil religions, civil moderate religion Harvard neither left nor right, religious centrist, moderatereligion,


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Flynn-Burhoe, Maureen. 2007. “Googling Folksonomies: Bouchard-Taylor and Moderate Civil Religion” >> Google docs

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