Finlayson Point, Juan de Fuca Strait

May 27, 2007

With just a month left on the Island we went for our last visit to Beacon Hill Park and the nearby look outs over Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountain Range. Wind and surf were ideal for the parasurfers riding the waves between Clover Point and Finlayson Point.

Beacon Hill Park occupies over 62-acres of with numerous trails crisscrossing through informal and formal gardens designed in 1889 by Scottish landscape architect, John Blair. The rustic stone medieval bridge was built then. About 2000 trees and shrubs were brought in. Although there are many rhododendrons there are also rare and endangered plants.

I’m not sure what kind of tree I photographed here. Dave made a video clip of waves crashing against the rocks on Clover Point and a Towhee singing. I filmed the wind in the willows at Fountain Lake and the Stone Bridge and a panorama from Finlayson Point. I’m going to upload some to Google Video and some to Youtube. I put several photos on Flickr and one on Google Earth community. I want to connect the video clips to the Google Earth community. I’ve also linked these with deli.cio.us.

“[What is known as Beacon Hill Park] was once part of the land used and occupied by the Songhees Indians. When first observed by Europeans in the mid-19th century, there were no Indian villages in the present park area. However, the evidence of prehistoric activities and oral tradition tell a different story. Evidence of prehistoric use of the Park area by native peoples consists of the remains of village refuse at defensive localities along the waterfront and burial grounds nearby. A Songhees elder, Jimmy Fraser, gave the name “Meegan”, meaning “warmed by the sun”, to the open meadow in Beacon Hill Park where people sat to have their bellies warmed in summer (Keddie).”

Before heading home we biked over to the Cameron Bandshell, in the Park off Arbutus Way and Bridge Way where we caught the final numbers in the performance by the Highline Community Symphonic Band, Colonel Bogey that Dave used to play in high school.

Webliography and Bibliography

Keddie, Grant. “Native Indian Use of Beacon Hill Park.” RBCM Notes, Note #14/88, ISSN 0838-598x

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