ReadWriteWeb, social networks and connectivity between Flickr and Facebook

May 2, 2007

I uploaded this Flickr image to my new Facebook album entitled Flickr2Facebook to test the interface between Flickr and Facebook after reading comments on ReadWriteWeb in a post entitled “The expansion of social networks” where the authors compare the use of Facebook and Flickr albums,

“While we do not know the answer to the first, we can answer the second one. The Facebook user would only use Flickr to share non-Facebook photos. One possible use case is to share photos with family members who are not Facebook members. It is clear from people’s profiles, however, that the majority of the Facebook users utilize Facebook’s photo sharing capabilities. And taking it a bit further, if students are both busy and lazy the chances that they will use two photo sharing sites is slim. So likely, Facebook wins this faceoff. The same goes for events. Yes, there are other, richer event sites, but again what Facebook has today is good enough for its users.” 1

I wondered then if there was connectivity between Facebook and Flickr similar to the seamless interface between WordPress and Facebook and WordPress and Flickr. My WordPress blog is automatically uploaded to Facebook and my Flickr albums automatically are refreshed on my WordPress sidebar.

Other Flickr users have been asking the same questions on the Flick forum. http://www.keebler.net/flickr2facebook authored a bookmarklet that facilitates the upload of individual photos between Flickr and Facebook but it is not automatically refreshed and there is no link back to Flickr. But thank you keebler for this handy tool!

Thanks to Keebler for an innovative bookmarklet that lets us interface smoothly with Flickr http://www.keebler.net/flickr2facebook

From Keebler’s site you can download his free bookmarklet:

“Keebler’s Instructions:

1. Login to facebook
2. Save the bookmarklet to your web-browser’s bookmarks. You only have to do this once!
3. Surf to the Flickr page with the image on it you would like to upload.
4. Click the bookmarklet in your web-browser’s bookmarks.
5. Click on the Flickr2Facebook logo that appears over the image. This will popup the upload window!
6. Choose the album you would like to upload the image into.
7. Sit back and enjoy!”

NB The image will upload seamlessly but there is no html link on the image with the flickr url. I added that manually.


1. Images in Flickr albums have a wider general audience and are picked up by search engines particularly when they are tagged and/or geotagged. A generic and flexible social network like Facebook serves a more personal network of family and friends. But even Flickr pro photographers nurture social networks. There is a quite thread on the Internet including on the Flickr forum about the potential for a seamless interface between Facebook and Flickr perhaps like the WordPress/Flickr template or the WordPress/Facebook template. Until something of that quality is developed an individual user offers a free tool on his blog http://www.keebler.net/flickr2facebook. This bookmarklet facilitates the uploading of individual photos (not albums) between Flickr and Facebook. Users need to code in Flickr urls manually and unlike WordPress/Flickr or the WordPress/Facebook connectivity, there is no automatic update through .rss feed. But thank you keebler for this handy tool

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