Fireplace with Easel and Artist Reflecting

January 13, 2007

Fireplace with Artist and Easel ReflectingFlynn-Burhoe. 1999. “Fireplace with Easel and Artist Reflecting.” Acrylic. 12″ x 14.” Creative Commons License 2.5 BY-NC-SA..

2 Responses to “Fireplace with Easel and Artist Reflecting”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Your blazing fire is very much needed today in the Maritimes. Thank you for posting it mid-winter. I am v. fond of your paintings. It is minus 30 (windchill)here today or, as I heard a weather person say on U.S. television the other day, “negative 30.” Either way, it’s c-c-cold. My birdfeeders are much in demand and so rewarding to watch. I do not have to leave the house for anything, so I can sit and read by your fire. Won’t you make a cup of tea for yourself and join me? You can paint and I’ll read (and nod off every now and then).

  2. It’s good to hear from you again Sharon. I’m glad you enjoy my artwork. I paint from time to time when something around me is just too beautiful to ignore. I miss you and my family. Maureen

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